AMT Torrent Show, Valencia, Spanien

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What a show. Torrent has done it again and after 20 years -this was their 20th edition- they remain the most important contest in Spain. Everything is big here. The number of models on display is amazing, so as their quality. You go around the tables again and again, and every time you find a gem you missed. Let me comment a couple that specially impressed me. Michel Perez D9R is a true piece of art. Using Meng's kit the weathering he got is incredible, everything looks real. Antonio Martin Tello 234/3 dio is also a beauty, the vehicle, the figures, the small details on vegetation... And a round dio titled "The hunters, the lovers and the weeping" by Javier Soler. It was a round base with 3 different stories on a Jagdpanther.
Honestly, I should talk about a miriad more of kits because they all deserve it.
Although my modelling interest is armor, like this site, I also enjoyed other categories like figures and aircraft. Both had equal importance on the show and for a good reason, without being an expert in these fields I could see the works were excellent.

On a personal side, it was great to meet again friends either from internet or from the last show. These large contest are an excellent chance to put a face to people you know from forums or blogs, as many of them are there.

Workshops are another good reason to attend. I was able to be in one devoted to figure painting specifically for military vehicles, by Roberto Ramirez, which was really interesting. No matter how many books, tutorials and videos you have, seen someone's workflow live makes a difference. I am still to try what I learned but details like paint dilution are much clearer now for me.

Outside the show there were groups of reenactors of different eras and armies. Always nice to see real items or good copies, plus they give a colorful "full scale" note.

And the fair! There were 25 stands from sellers, including books, magazines, shops... while I have decided to keep my stash under control, it is really really difficult to resist, even more for someone whose local hobby shop is quite I just got a Hobby Boss T-34 and a MiniArt base, leaving there dozens of kits, figures and books I wish I could get...

All in all it was again a great time, kind of a pilgrimage for a Spanish modeller that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime, but even better if yearly!

And if you can not be there, the organization has taken very good photos for you. Check them here because there are many more than I took, and in a professional environment:


(C) 06/2014 Carlos Martin

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