Examples and References

With this rubric "references" we try to help you as kit modeller to have references to make your models as realistic as possible.
So we have here a list of all used Sd.Kfz.numbers as well as the VK numbers. Also we try to figure out all the used names for german armor projects. Even more interesting would be the page of the used divisional insignias as well as the "in Deatil" section where we show WW2 and modern vehicles in walk around pictures with details! What we else have are the tactical markings on german modern army vehicles, the ranking system and markings of Wehrmacht and SS uniforms and our photo archive where rarae or private photos are shown.

Eine Liste aller verwendeten Sd.Kfz. und VK Nummern mit Beschreibung der Fahrzeuge
Overview of all used numbers
Eine Liste von Suggestivnamen mit Beschreibung der entsprechenden Fahrzeuge
Overview of used names for german WW2 vehicles
Originalfahrzeuge in Detailaufnahmen
Original vehicles in detail photos for modellers

Original vehicles in action
Bundeswehr taktische Zeichen
Tactical signs of German Army vehicles + weapons colors

MLC Classes of German Army vehicles

Graphical overview of unit allocations (STAN / KStn) of German modern Army and Wehrmacht
Bilder von Markierungen der deutschen Fahrzeuge als Referenz für Modellbauer
Overview of german divisional insignias of WW2
Dienstgradabzeichen der Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS
Shoulder straps, collar markings, weapons colors, etc

Rarities and curiosities


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