Pz.Sfl. Ia - 5cm Pak 38 auf gp. Mun Schlepper VK3.02

Erbauer: Eric Verbene

1:35 Bausatz von Das Werk

Modell: Das Werk Nr. DW35017 Pz.Sfl. Ia - 5cm Pak 38 auf gp. Mun Schlepper VK3.02
AUSGEPACKT: Pz.Sfl.Ia - 5cm Pak 38 auf gp. Mun Schlepper VK3.02

Building the PZ.Sfl.la-5cm Pak VK3.02
Actually there is almost no complaining when you build this little thing.
All parts are very fine detailed and they fit very well, so no problems with that.
The first thing i recomend to watch out is that you have to place part D48 in the Wright wat as shown in step 12 (photo) and not as shown in the colours scheme (photo) The other thing you have to watch for are the tracks.
If you fit these in step 14 you may have some problems, because the space between Fender and front wheel is actually to small.
Also start laying your tracks by the front wheel!!


To avoid Trouble by detail painting, i painted parts in step 4 shown under R and L before fixing Them. As well as parts D37 and D2 and the R and L in step 5 And all parts of step 12. (C 16-17 and D 31 only inside) When finishing i airbrushed the little beast overall in Tamiya XF1 and later on in Tamiya XF60. After this i took Tamiya XF61 and XF64 for camouflage After the camouflage the last details were painted, with a brush using also Tamiya colours as X10, X23, XF1, XF7, XF56, XF63, XF72 For the finishing result of this 5cm Pak 38 VK3.02 see my photos.